All-Foam Mattress Review - The Loom & Leaf Memory Foam Mattress

18 Jan

The Loom & Leaf mattress are a hybrid between an innerspring and a latex mattress manufactured by Saatva Inc.. The Loom & Leaf have been around for several years and have many good reviews. But what is it?
The Loom & Leaf consist of four layers that all have a dual-layered support layer made of high-density foams and a transitioning microfiber layer that contain a cooling compound. They also have a bottom layer of standard innersprings and then a second layer of microfiber. The top is composed of a very plush and comfortable, plush Terry cloth material with a very soft lining. Many users will say that the innersprings on the Loom & Leaf are too hard and that the sleepers feel as though they are sleeping on a cloud. There are many mixed reviews on this product, but most agree that it is a good excellent mattress. Click on this link: to check out some of these reviews.

For some the twin xl mattresses are a bit on the bulky side, however the inner springs and coils tend to be a bit smaller. They also cost about thirty percent less than the innersprings of the traditional mattresses. Other consumers feel that the Loom & Leaf's inner core is a bit too firm and say that their sleep was often disturbed during the night. Other people just didn't like the feel of these mattresses and say that they just couldn't get comfortable. It seems that there were just too many complaints about the comfort of the loom & leaf to make them very popular.

Another aspect of this mattress that doesn't go over very well is its construction. Many users say that the construction of the Mattress was quite flimsy. There was not much support provided under the arms, which is a problem that some side sleepers will have to deal with. Also the seams between the mattress and box springs were visible to anyone who looked at the product. Other customers said that even if they slept on a solid surface, the box spring seemed to shift a bit, which caused some discomfort. Overall, the construction of the Looms & Leaves were not great. Click this link to get more info about this product.

The innerspring design of the Loom & Leaf mattress allows for both side to side motion isolation and for firmness that are slightly better than what you get from other memory foam layers. What this means for many consumers is that the innersprings are not as durable and do not last as long. These are the complaints that most customers give about this mattress in comparison to others. It seems that while the company tried to make something better, it failed to create a system that would give all-foam mattress a real run for its money.
Overall the Loom & Leaf offer a standard innerspring design for consumers. A few customers have said that the material of the mattress is somewhat flimsy compared to other memory foam mattresses, but overall the result is hard to knock off the quality and durability of the product. The adjustable base also helps the product with comfort as it provides a firm yet firm base that does not move around and conforms to the user's body. Find out more info related to this topic at:

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